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"Playa Vista is emerging as a model development that effectively balances the need for environmental preservation with the demand for housing in the LA basin."

The Planning Report 11/2003
Playa Vista Properties Playa Vista Properties
Playa Vista Properties
Playa Vista Properties

Customer Review

Reviews are so important to the ongoing success of our business. Thanks for writing a short review about our service!

Hi Guys,

Erik I got your message this afternoon. Great job!  This is the 5th home I have sold, and none of them took more than 2 weeks to have an accepted offer, and none have ever fallen out of escrow. The big difference is that this is a completely different housing market than all the previous homes, so to still accomplish this and not tarnish that record is a truly amazing feat.

Incredible job by your whole team, and thanks again for everything. It was a pleasure!




Erik Flexner
The Flexner Group
Coldwell Banker
January 2010

Dear Erik and Tracy,

I wanted to write you to thank you so much for your hard work selling  my place in Playa Vista and helping Chadd and I get back to the South Bay where we are loving life! I wanted to send you this letter not only as an official thank you but also as a referral in case you ever need one!

Erik, from the outset you were focused on step one, selling my condo in Playa Vista. Even before I  made the decision  to put it on the market you were over at the house talking through the pros and cons of the tough real estate market conditions, low rates, and the reality of taking a loss on the condo and putting faith in finding an upgrade that would pay off in the end. You listened to me and listed the price slightly higher than you suggested  because it was a number that,I felt more comfmtable  with You took the bull by the horns and when I was out of town you  brought the photographer over, listed the place and got multiple offers within 2 days! We even countered and eventually sold above asking price (and the highest sale in the building)! You advised me tlu·ough picking the more solid, motivated buyer (a married couple versus a single man) which ended up being critical given the numerous FHA loan and BOA issues that came up. When the mmtgage broker rejected the buyer's  loan, you drove all the way to Calabasas that same day and retrieved the buyer's  loan package so that they could resubmit with another  lender right away. Our BOA was also extremely  difficult to deal with in complying with FHA guidelines,  but no matter how uncooperative they were, you and Tracy handled them professionally and ultimately we got what we needed to get lending and get it funded!

You  spent ample  time in the office  with Chadd and I  mapping out  our  search and Tracy  was amazingly  responsive  and flexible when it came to showing us potential  properties all over the South Bay, even if that meant 4pm on a Friday! She was always positive, upbeat and professional and  is a great addition  to your  team.  In the end, we opted  for the most difficult  route of all, putting in an extremely  low ball offer on a yet to be announced  short sale in Manhattan  Beach listed over $1.4m (almost twice our budget). You were suppmtive,  knowing that this sale might never go through. Being patient paid off. Months  later, and tons of open houses later, the bank accepted our offer in the low $800's!

When I was unable to communicate  at work, you, Tracy, and Chadd diligently and efficiently got all paper work signed  off on,  inspections scheduled,  and escrow opened.  I don't  know what I would have done without Team Flexner! After a lot of negotiation,  time and due diligence, we were able to take advantage  of the distressed position of the seller and close without a hitch on our amazing, new townhome in Manhattan Beach!!


We love being here, and cannot thank you and Tracy enough for your help.

Thank you again and good luck in 2010!
Regan Gosnell & Chadd Davis



May 15,2010

To whom it may concern,


We are more than happy to provide  a letter of reference for Erik Flexner and his team! He was able to competitively price  our home in Playa Vista, and then effectively negotiate and work with the listing agent of the property we were interested in. In both instances Erik not only hit the target, but struck  the bull's  eye.
As we progressed through both the selling and buying processes, our family discussions would ring with concepts I tactics that Erik had informed us about days, even weeks earlier, which became  very re-assuring.
If the time comes to sell and buy again, Erik will be our first call. We highly recommend him and his team.


The Halls.

Closed January 2010

From:  Aravind Mani <>
Subject: Reference Letter


To whom it may concern,

We are very pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Erik Flexner and The
Flexner Group. We sold our home in Playa Vista with Erik and his team in March,
2010 --before  moving to San Francisco to be closer to family.

We followed Erik's guidance and were able to get multiple offers. We actually got
$10,000 more than we had expected! Erik was instrumental in pre-qualifying the buyers and strategizing which offer to take. Then, he was able to get the appraiser to come in at a very good price.

We are delighted to refer him and are available by phone (below).


Aravind and Laura Mani
Closed March, 2010


Dear Friends,
Quick story- A guy I've known now for about 6 years got into Real Estate 3 years ago. He asked me if I would recommend him to everybody on my email list. I don't really like to send out too many emails especially trying to sell people stuff. He was a good guy but I didn't know his work ethic so I politely avoided him for the next 3 years (just joking!). I never did send out his info. because like I said I didn't know what he was about. Recently I received a letter from him. (an actual mailed letter with stamp and everything.) I'm reading this letter,
expecting it to be some sales talk about how he has some great property available. But it's not. Instead he's writing about his Dad's love of wood and carpentry. How his father gave up being a Professor at the University of Oklahoma, moved to Israel, lived on a Kibbutz farm where he was assigned to the carpentry shop. Here his father developed his love for
wood and wood working. Over the years the father grew into one of the  formost authorities in the world on antique wood refinishing. In fact he authored a book Understanding Wood Finishing: How To Select and Apply the Right Finish that is the only book on Woodworking to ever place in the top 1,000 books sold.

Back to the letter my friend sent me. Along with the story of his father my friend also included in the letter a brochure his father created called How To Care for your Furniture. Now what does this have to do with Real Estate? Absolutely nothing. That's the point. It was a well
thought out, entertaining letter with practical and useful information for his clients benefit. He wasn't selling me anything. Now I know his work ethic and the kind of Real Estate agent he would be and have no problem recommending him to everybody. His name is Erik Flexner.

Here is his contact information.
124 Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292
phone: 310-306-6526

Contact him if you need help with Real Estate or contact him to be put on his mailing list. He will send you useful information on Real Estate and other interesting stuff.

Ken Baldwin
Friend & Dance Instructor
(Unsolicited email sent to his students)

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Erik Flexner to anyone interested in selling their unit in Villa d’Este or Playa Vista. Earlier this year, Erik sold the only other re-sale in my building. He understands the factors involved in selling Playa Vista better than anyone, as he has closed more properties than any other agent.

Erik has made Playa Vista re-sales the focus of his career as an agent. He is dedicated to maximizing the profits for sellers here. To date, Erik is responsible for the highest price per square foot sale in Playa Vista history.

This commitment means that his service to Playa Vista sellers is second to none. With regard to my own property, He has worked hard to keep a consistent schedule of marketing and showings to find that perfect buyer.

Erik keeps track of the market forces affecting Playa Vista on a daily basis. This means that any moment I call, I can rely on him to always be on my side, listen to my needs and concerns and know exactly what is going on with regard to Playa Vista re-sales.
If you are a seller looking for a professional, dedicated agent to represent your property in Villa d’Este or any other property in Playa Vista, I highly recommend you speak with Erik.

Christophe Belloncie
Los Angeles, CA 90094

This letter serves as positive reference for Erik Flexner and is directed to the attention of anyone interested in selling his or her property in Playa Vista. Erik exhibited a keen knowledge of the real estate market, not only in the Playa Vista area but the market climate in general. As I understand Erik has sold three properties in The Metro, including ours and has an outstanding record selling more properties in Playa Vista than any other agent.

Erik focuses on Playa Vista and showed our property in an extremely professional and successful manner. He is dedicated to maximizing the profits for interested sellers in the Playa Vista development. To date, Erik is responsible for the highest price per square foot sale in Playa Vista history…on my unit!

I count on Erik to keep me informed of changes and factors relating to Playa Vista. He listens to my concerns and takes action. I am pleased to recommend Erik and if there would be additional information that I may provide, please feel free to contact me at 605 270 2012.

Scott Allen Lee
Madison, South Dakota 57042

Dear Erik,
I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you these past three months. You have acted very professionally, always acting in my best interests. Your marketing strategy was ingenious and I know you maximized the net investment return I could expect from my condo in The Esplanade (Playa Vista) building. I entrusted you with making the decisions that as a seller, emotions can play a role. Because I trusted your judgment, we were very happy with the final results of this transaction.

Please feel free to call me if you need anything Erik. I am deeply indebted to you and very happy we had a chance to have paths that crossed. Also, please add me to your client reference listing I would be more than happy to give you a fine and honest recommendation to any prospective client.

Barry Favro

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